Shar and Ryan and their entourage – normally you would look at a huge group and think to yourself “holy crap I just can’t even!”.  But no!  This group was like a well oiled machine – no bumps in the road, no missing wedding party members (and believe me that happens sooooooo often!  You want a group picture of all the guys together but you can’t because George hit the bar, and Peter is in the bathroom – so you move to the girls only to find Sarah has taken off to goodness knows where etc etc), they all had fun, paid attention (very important when trying to set up a certain shot), and most of all they just had fun.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – a great wedding party can make great photos (in the same way that a bummer of a wedding party can really bring down your day).  At first I worried that we were going to have a hard time wrangling so many people – but I worried for nothing!  They were, and are amazing, and Shar and Ryan are lucky to have such great friends.  And can I point out their incredible son!  OMG.  Just….OMG xoxo.  Pictures were taken in the “white studio” at Aspire, and reception was at Club Regent Event Centre.  A great night!!!  Here are some of my personal favourites from Aspire 🙂